Monaco Christening Gown

Christening gown from Oli Prik made of off-white silk with short sleeves and cotton lining. Beautiful hand embroidery on the chest piece and skirt. Lace on the skirt.

  • Material: 100% thin fine silk.

  • Length: approx. 80 cm (S) – approx. 85 cm (M).

  • Matching christening bonnet in 100% off-white silk with cotton lining and wonderful hand embroidery and lace.

  • Please notice that the christening gown is sold without ribbon bows. The pictures show the following ribbon bows: Rose Pink BF2 and Blue Bird BF3.

  • See our large selection of ribbon bows that can be purchased here.

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Product Description


Trying to find the perfect gown for one of the most special moments in life, the christening of a child, can be a lot more challenging than most people expect.

Sure, the actual ceremony of moving through the christening is the real focus of this day but you want to make sure that your child looks as best they can while observing just how important this occasion really is.

The Monaco christening gown from Oli Prik walks both of those lines perfectly.

Handmade in Scandinavia using a brilliant and beautiful slightly off-white silk, this gown features short sleeves an updated yet traditional style you won’t find elsewhere. On top of that, a comfortable cotton lining guarantees you won’t ever have to worry about your child being uncomfortable throughout the christening ceremony.

This gown is perfect for parents looking for something simple while honoring the tradition of this momentous occasion.

Hand done embroidery decorates the entirety of the chest area as well as the skirt, and lace accents are going to be found throughout the lower part of the dress as well as along the hemline.

The designs are both beautiful and subtle at the same time, never detracting from the overall look and aesthetics of this christening gown while at the same time adding quite a bit of style, substance, and class to the government as well.

A matching christening bonnet is included as well for parents that want to add this traditional accessory. It is also made of the same off-white 100% silk with a comfortable cotton lining throughout the interior of the bonnet itself.

The hand embroidery on the christening bonnet is always designed to perfectly book and match the embroidery found on the Oli Prik Monaco christening gown. These two garments fit together like peas in a pod and really come together to create something that your child will look fantastic in during a ceremony that is sure to be heavily photographed and recorded.

Photos of this Monaco christening gown do show the gown with special ribbons and bows adorning the gown itself, but it’s important that you understand these bows aren’t going to be included with the purchase of the Oli Prik Monaco christening gown.

They can be added as secondary accessories (just like the christening bonnet can be added to and order), and you’ll have the opportunity to pick and choose from dozens and dozens of different styles and colors of both ribbons and bows.

If you are looking for a christening gown that will look fantastic throughout the ceremony, as well as a gown that has been crafted to last and last throughout the generations (to be handed down throughout the family), you need look no further than the Oli Prik Monaco christening gown.

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